23 abril 2014

St. George's Day - día de Sant Jordi

In Catalonia in St George's Day the tradition is giving away books and roses to those we love, is our day of lovers.

En Cataluña el día de San Jorge es tradición regalar libros y rosas a las personas que amamos, es nuestro día de los enamorados.



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  1. Preciosa la mini escena que has montado para la ocasión.
    Feliz día de Sant Jordi!!!


    1. Gracias !!!
      Espero que te regalen un libro y una rosa, o un beso y un abrazo :)

  2. Hi!
    We have the same thing here in Finland..The bookshops give you a book free on St George's Day, if you buy another one.
    The roses? Well they speak about the day of roses and books, so maybe they give roses too?

    1. In Catalonia the tradition of giving roses on April 23 began in the fifteenth century and then several centuries later in 1929 added give a book. Years later, in 1995 UNESCO declared the "International Book Day" on April 23, and several countries around the world celebrate it.
      Here all book shops do a 10% discount and put books on tables in the street. Also publishers participate in Exhibitions in the streets to show their news. Writers sign their books and long queues are organized to get a signature of the most famous.
      This year there was also a place in the Fair, where you could exchange books without paying anything!
      Is really a big feast !!!


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